Brothers our Triennial election was held May 20, 2017. We had a great turn out and appreciate all members from far and near that came to the meeting to join us.

Here are the results of the election and your new Local 16 officers, Local Chairman and their committee members.

Local 16 President: Rex Grant

Local 16 1st Vice President: Josh Hicks

Local 16 2nd Vice President: William Rinehart

Local 16 Financial Secretary: Brian Jahay

Local 16 Recording Secretary: Jason Skidmore

Local 16 Trustees: Randy Bolesta, Chris Hettle, Nick Maness

Local Chairman District 1: Chris Hettle. Grievance Committee District 1: David Suggs, Matt Medlin

Local Chairman District 2: Roger Allen. Grievance Committee District 2: Chris Cavanaugh, Kern Barber

Local Chairman District 4: Jason Skidmore. Grievance Committee District 4: Bubba Mayfield, Anzules Gomez

Local Chairman District 6: Randy Bolesta. Grievance Committee District 6: Ben Trezevant, William Rinehart.

Local Chairman District 7 : Bill Yates. Grievance Committee District 7: Brian Jahay, Sean Gaspar.

Local Chairman District 8: Ken Lamb. Grievance Committee District 8: Bennie Hines, Orinthio Scott.

Local Chairman District 9: Bobby Cooper. Grievance Committee District 9: Matt Mays, Steve Collins

Local Chairman District 10: Marlon Soto. Grievance Committee District 10: Adam Peters, Wesner Lewis.

Please Congratulate our new Officers on their positions. We hope to see you at the next meeting in Orlando July 15 th 2017.

Minutes will be posted pending review shortly.

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